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Library resources on gardening and horticulture

Resources from the Sterling Morton Library

The Sterling Morton Library provides an extensive collection of circulating books on gardening to all who visit The Morton Arboretum. Click here to view our electronic catalog and see some of the titles. Don't go far if you want more immediate information; the Plant Clinic here at the Arboretum provides online resources on gardening from design to planting. We also provide web resources below and links to gardening blogs, resources, and more information!


Horticulture care from the Morton Arboretum's Plant Clinic - Find all kinds of useful information for gardeners provided by The Morton Arboretum's Plant Clinic. From seasonal gardening, advice on animal damage, mulching, pruning, planting and soil, to choosing an arborist, delve into the Plant Clinic's gardening resources.


Web resources and tools

National Gardening Association - Offering zone finders, dictionaries, expert advice, and gardening reports, the National Gardening Association's tag line is "Help us grow the next generation."


USDA Home Gardening - This section of the United States Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library provides links to resources for the home gardener. Navigate from here through related USDA resources on commercial gardening, forestry, lawns, and crops.


Horticulture from the University of Illinois Extension - Plant care and selection guides, gardening tips, garden calendars, and master gardener links.




Garden Rant - Lauded for infusing gardening with humor and a lot of opinion and topping many "best gardening blogs" lists, Garden Rant delivers gardening tips and ideas, opinions, and a little gossip.


A Way to Garden - Featuring gardening tips, guides, recipes, and more from Margaret Roach, a garden writer of 25 years who also writes for Martha Stewart Living, Newsday, and has published 3 books.


Royal Horticultural Society Blogs - This RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) site collects and displays content from all RHS blogs. Navigate through to also see gardening forums, find gardening advice, and plant information!