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Library resources on botany and plant science

Resources from the Sterling Morton Library

The Sterling Morton Library provides a large circulating collection to all Morton Arboretum visitors on botany and plant sciences, as well as a substantial collection of rare books on the subject. Click here to see some of our circulating titles! The larger Morton Arboretum also offers tree and plant advice and many resource pages where you can learn about common plant diseases and pests, plant identification, and more!


Tree and plant advice from the Morton Arboretum - From this advice page, the Morton Arboretum provides profiles on many common plant diseases and pests along with photos and information for identification and research. Also find the Plant Health Care Report to find out more about the plants around the Arboretum itself.


Web resources

Botanical Society of America - This Illinois resource page provides a links to web resources on botany in Illinois. Navigate through the Botanical Society of America page to find other state and national resources.


USDA Plants Database - Providing current plant news and plenty of links to further botanical learning and plant lists for the United States.


AGRICOLA/NAL Catalog - United States Deaprtment of Agriculture (USDA) Database of plant information and literature. Provides searchable and browsable citations.


Virtual Library of Botany and Plant Biology - Provides links to further resources on botany and plant biology as well as botanical organizations, gardens, arboreta, universities, and other agricultural resources.



Agricultural Research - Published by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) freely online 10 times per year.


American Journal of Plant Physiology - A peer-reviewed scientific journal published since 2006 and featuring articles on plant biochemistry, physiology, biology, and genetics.


American Journal of Plant Sciences - Open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the latest advancements in plant science since 2010.


Applications in Plant Sciences - An open access journal published by the Botanical Society of America beginning in 2013.


Arnoldia - The quarterly magazine of the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University featuring articles about plant science, conservation, parks and open spaces, and landscape design and history. First published in 1911 as the Bulletin of Popular Information of the Arnold Arboretum.


e-journals.org - The Botany section of e-journals.org provides an index and links to hundreds of e-journals  published electronically on botany, plant sciences, and plant biology. The journals often provide an index of their publications and article abstracts, thought free full-text is not always available. Full text of certain issues or certain articles may be available for free to non-subscribers.


International Journal of Plant Biology - Peer-reviewed open access electronic journal that publishes papers in all areas of plant biology since 2010.


Great Lakes Botanist - The Great Lakes Botanist (formerly the The Michigan Botanist through Volume 55), established in 1962, is the peer-reviewed, quarterly journal of the Michigan Botanical Club dedicated to the conservation of native plants and education of the public. 


Phytologia - An open access journal on plant systematics, phytogeography, and ecology. Current and backissues freely available. Published 1933-present.


Blogs and Podcasts


A Wandering Botanist - "Tales of a lover of plants, history, and travel." Author: Kathleen Keeler


In Defense of Plants - "It would seem that most people don’t pay any attention to plants unless they are pretty or useful in some way. I reject this reality outright. Plants are everything on this planet." Author: Matt Candeias


Planted: Finding Your Roots In STEM Careers - A newly released podcast from The Morton Arboretum, will introduce you to some plant professionals with amazing careers, and explore the journeys they took to get there.