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Library resources on botanical art and nature illustration

Resources from the the Sterling Morton Library

Interested in botanical art classes or more information? Take a look at the resources on botanical art found here at the Morton Arboretum! Below the Sterling Morton Library provides links to outside organizations, tools, and web resources to further your research into botanical art and nature illustration either as an artist yourself or as a lover of art and nature. Visit the Sterling Morton Library electronic catalog to see some of the titles that are available in our circulating book collection on botanical art as well as our how to resources for the artist or beginner looking to learn new techniques!


The Morton Arboretum Botanical Art and Illustration Courses - Beginning to advanced classes in botanical art and illustration in mediums from pencil to watercolor offered by the Morton Arboretum.


The Nature Artists' Guild of The Morton Arboretum - The Nature Artists’ Guild of The Morton Arboretum is a not-for-profit special interest group of the Arboretum, developed in 1986 for the purpose of gathering together people of like interests to explore and share more deeply the field of natural history art.


Web resources and organizations

American Society of Botanical Artists - The ASBA is dedicated to "promoting public awareness of of contemporary botanical art, to honoring its traditions and furthering its development." Visit the Technique page to find tips and tutorials for botanical artists, and navigate to other pages to learn about the organization, current exhibits and events.


Artists for Conservation - The Artists for Conservation "support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage." Browse their website to learn more about their efforts, events, programs, and links to other conservation organizations.


Guild of Natural Science Illustrators - This guild was founded at the Smithsonian Institution in 1968. Navigate through their website to find information on natural science illustration, upcoming events and exhibits, galleries, information on science illustration careers and education, and forums. 


Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation: Art - The Art department of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation holds nearly 30,000 original paintings. Their website gives information on their collections, background information on select botanical artists, and photos that give a taste of the treasures from their collections. 


Society of Botanical Artists - The British version of the ASBA, this site also has fantastic online galleries, exhibit information, and distance learning courses in botanical art. Every page includes images of beautiful artwork - a feast for the eyes.


Online galleries

Botanical Artists: Gallery of Botanical Art - Visit this page to learn more about contemporary botanical artists and see examples of their work. Click on the thumbnail images to see a larger images of the work and read about the artist, or browse by artist from the drop-down menu.


Virtual Exhibit: Artists for Conservation - Visit the AFC's Virtual Exhibit of Nature in Art.


Gallery: Artists for Conservation - Browse through this gallery of nature art by the subject of the work from endangered species to small mammals, big cats, reptiles, insects, gardens/flowers and more.


Member Gallery: American Society of Botanical Artists - In this online gallery, discover the members of the ASBA and learn more about their work. Information often includes contact information for the artist.