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Vanishing Acts

One of the interpretation panel for Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat
One of the interpretive panel for Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat

Vanishing Acts: Trees Under Threat is an outdoor exhibit at The Morton Arboretum that takes a compelling look at threatened and endangered trees—an estimated 100,000 miles of unique tropical forests are lost each year, according to the World Resources Institute, and it is estimated that only one percent of original forest cover remains in North America and Europe today. Located in the Conifer Collection, Vanishing Acts helps visitors understand the causes and impact of global tree loss, and the importance of taking action to save them. 

Vanishing Acts was created by The Morton Arboretum in partnership with the  Global Trees Campaign and was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. Copies of this exhibit traveled to public gardens, universities and municipalities throughout North America and China. 

Vanishing Acts downloadable exhibit

The exhibit is available to public gardens and arboreta and includes many educational resources for educators. LEARN MORE