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Tree-mendous Tree Stories

A large tree with gnarled bark and many branches

Tree-mendous Tree Stories
A Project of The Morton Arboretum and Openlands

Trees play an important role in our lives throughout the seasons, offering beauty, shade, and many heartwarming memories. If you have a special connection to a tree, or a tree you remember from childhood that has significant meaning to you, add your story to Tree-mendous Tree Stories, a website highlighting Chicago-area residents' unique connection to trees. Those interested can submit their tree stories for consideration. Read stories from other tree champions or submit your own at tree-stories.org!

OAKtober Tree Stories

October is the designated Oak Awareness Month, and everyone can play an important role in celebrating oak trees throughout the month of OAKtober. You can read personal stories from the Arboretum team to learn why oaks are vital for local communities and ecosystems across the world, then share a story of your own. Read OAKtober stories here.