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Gateway takeaways

The Morton Arboretum's latest best practices, training materials, and research papers related to topics interpreted at the Gateway to Tree Science

For more information on tree care, visit the Plant Clinic.  For more information on scientific publications ask a librarian at the Arboretum’s Sterling Morton Library or search the library’s ACORN database.

Best tree care practices for your backyard and community

The Morton Arboretum publishes tree care advice for homeowners and community members to apply to their own landscapes that is based on research in horticulture and arboriculture. Here are a few key resources:

Training for tree care professionals

The scientists at The Morton Arboretum and their colleagues apply their research to develop training and advice for tree care professionals. Here are some of those recent contributions:

The science behind best tree care practices

Arboretum scientists publish articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals to report results of their research.  Once research is reviewed and discussed by the larger scientific community, best tree care recommendations can be published for industry, homeowners, and community members (examples featured in links above).


Urban Forestry and Ecology

Conservation of threatened species and ecosystems

Building coalitions and raising awareness of species’ conservation status and best practices in conservation genetics.

Oak tree of life

The Arboretum’s research into the evolutionary relationships of oaks.  We can’t protect species we cannot name.  Research into the evolutionary relationships among trees is fundamental to conserving the Earth’s biodiversity.

Climate change

Arboretum scientists work on addressing climate change in urban areas and studying climate change effects on forested ecosystems.

Soil, root, and forest ecology

Processes below ground provide information key to understanding forested ecosystems.

Coming soon, more online resources for Green Professionals:

The Arboretum is also developing a series of online resources that will help illustrate and explain some of the tree care best practices highlighted in the Gateway to Tree Science. These resources will focus on three main themes: Selecting a tree, planting techniques, and caring for and maintaining trees. In addition to providing a deeper dive into the reasons these best practices are in place, these resources will also include tools to help you explain some of these concepts to other people, whether they're employees, clients, or homeowners.