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Collections and Creations

A honeycomb styled pergola in the linden collection
Six taxonomic collections at The Morton Arboretum are accredited by the American Public Gardens Association’s Plant Collection Network for their conservation value and high standards of curation: oak (Quercus), elm (Ulmus), maple (Acer), magnolia (Magnolia), crabapple (Malus), and linden (Tilia).

Each of these accredited collections is easily accessible via trail on the Arboretum's East Side. Stop along the trail to read informational signs, admire photographic installations by artist Laurie Tennent, or rest at unique seating areas inspired by each collection.

Installations in the accredited collections were made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (Grant Number MA-10-15-0190-15)

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A family walks a trail that ends with a swinging wooden bench.

Meander through the magnolia collection and rest on a swinging bench under a classic arbor. Explore a pergola in the linden collection inspired by the honeybees who visit these sweet trees.

Women walk toward a picnic bench with a giant red structure surrounding it that resembles an apple.

Hold a picnic under a colossal crabapple or discover what you have in common with trees at themed benches in the oak, maple, and elm collections.