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Enjoy running at The Morton Arboretum

The sights, sounds, and smells that change with the season, as well as the safe roads and varied terrain, make the Arboretum a runner's paradise year-round. Countless runners take advantage of the nine miles of scenic paved roads that wind through the West and East Side, creating a beautiful running course. The most common run loops are the outer 4.5 mile loop on the East Side and the 2.9 mile loop around the outer West Side.

Running is allowed on the roadways, although only walkers are permitted on trails. Please travel against the flow of car traffic, and keep as far right on the road (in your direction of travel) as possible. A map with distances is available at the Visitor Center information desk if you have questions about our roadways.

When running with a group, please keep your group no more than two runners wide.

Runners can change clothes, use the restrooms and lockers, and buy water and food in the Visitor Center.