The Morton Arboretum's science and conservation efforts

A hand holding a lens looking at leaves

The Morton Arboretum's science and conservation efforts

The Morton Arboretum works in Chicago and around the world to study and conserve trees for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.

Tree and Plant Research

The Arboretum is an internationally known scientific institution. Arboretum scientists study how trees live, how they evolved, how climate change affects them, how they can be conserved, and how best to care for trees.  LEARN MORE

Global Tree Conservation

Trees around the world are under threat today. The Arboretum works in the Chicago area and from Asia to Mexico to help preserve tree species from extinction. LEARN MORE

Tree Collections

The Arboretum is a museum of trees. Its scientifically important collections include more than 200,000 living trees and plants gathered from around the world, planted in a spectacular rolling landscape of unique beauty. LEARN MORE