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Make a Gift This Arbor Day


Arbor Day trees have the power to restore us in uncertain times

Trees inspire us to endure. But they need your help.

During stressful times, many have turned to the restorative power of trees.
You can escape from today’s uncertainties in the shade of trees that have outlived through the tragedies of past eras. Trees have experienced their own threats, twisted by winds, parched by droughts, swamped by floods, attacked by insects. But they inspire us to endure. The Morton Arboretum works to make sure that regardless of today’s difficulties, there will be healthy trees for the future. 
For the Arboretum, this past year brought disruptions and challenges like none in its history. Yet, with generous support from donors and members, the Arboretum found ways to adapt its operations and offerings and remain open. But there is still important work to do to help trees.
The Arboretum relies on your continued generosity to weather the significant financial effects of the coronavirus. In honor of Arbor Day on April 30, please make a gift to support the Arboretum. Every contribution makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. You can also become a member or renew your membership to continue your support.
With your vital contribution, the Arboretum will remain resilient and focused on planting and protecting trees for a greener, healthier, more beautiful world. 

Make a Gift