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About the Arboretum

Trails and paths wind through mature trees

When Joy Morton established The Morton Arboretum in 1922, he envisioned a “great outdoor museum” of trees. Today, our living collections inspire visitors to appreciate, learn about, plant, and protect trees. The Arboretum champions the world's trees through plant collections, science and conservation, education, and outreach.

The Morton Arboretum's 1,700 acres hold more than 222,000 live plants representing nearly 4,300 taxa from around the world. Situated on the rolling Valparaiso moraine and bisected by the East Branch of the DuPage River, the Arboretum is planned and planted to nurture and display trees and shrubs in environments conducive to their growth.

The Arboretum conducts leading scientific research on tree health and tree improvement, collects and displays trees for study and enjoyment on the grounds, offers educational programming for adults and children, and presents nature-related activities year-round for people of all ages and interests.

Also on the grounds are the Visitor Center with The Arboretum Store and Ginkgo Restaurant and Café, four-acre Children’s Garden, one-acre Maze Garden, Sterling Morton Library, Plant Clinic, nine miles of roads, and 16 miles of trails.

Arbor Day at The Morton Arboretum

Arbor Day is The Morton Arboretum's signature holiday. Learn about its connection to the Morton family, how you can celebrate, and more.  LEARN MORE

Trustees and Advisors

An elected Board of Trustees oversees the administration and operations of the organization. A Board of Advisors serves as ambassadors and advocates for the Arboretum in the community. LEARN MORE 


Mission and History of the Arboretum

The Arboretum was founded in 1922 by Morton Salt magnate Joy Morton, son of the founder of Arbor Day. LEARN MORE

Diversity and Inclusion

The Morton Arboretum is committed to a culture of diversity among those who work, volunteer, and visit here. Learn more

Financial Information

As a nonprofit organization, The Morton Arboretum holds itself accountable to the public, including all its members and other constituents who support the Arboretum’s mission. Past and present financial information is regularly published online. LEARN MORE

Perennial Reports

Read the Perennial Report to discover the many ways The Morton Arboretum championed trees! read the reports

Affiliates and Partners

The Morton Arboretum works together with professional affiliates to support a mission of a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world. LEARN MORE

Sustainability at the Arboretum

Since its founding in 1922, The Morton Arboretum has demonstrated sustainable practices to benefit the community.  Science and conservation efforts here strive to preserve native plant species, manage invasive species, and improve tree care and preservation within urban forests. learn more

Working at the Arboretum

Employees of the Arboretum are passionate about trees and nature, and enjoy a wonderful environment to earn a living. The Arboretum offers a generous benefits package for full-time employees that include medical and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, and a 401(K) plan. LEARN MORE