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Participants Blog

  • Daily Life on the Prairie
    We spend our days weeding the site but still find time for data analysis.
  • Found in Translation

    Hi again!

    My last post outlined some frustration I had with my project. But I decided that it would be better to take the time and explain what I’m actually doing.

  • Phylogenetics Fun
    I’ve reached a point where the real coding challenges begin...
  • Life Beyond the Trees
    Once a week I leave the air conditioning to head out to the tree nursery. Each week I come across something new; a bird, a butterfly, a squirrel… The Morton Arboretum has so much more life to offer than just the trees!
  • Ice Cream Social 2018
    Celebrating week 6 of the URF with ice cream, great weather, and some laughs!
  • Interns on the Prairie

    Hello! Here's an over-due update from the field:

  • Always Bring Clippers
    The summer is flying by and my days of going out into the field are nearly over!
  • Bug Spray and Coding
    I’m using computer coding to conduct a scientific experiment! Unfortunately, the code I wrote has a lot of bugs. If only I could bug spray my computer.
  • An Intro to the Field
    One of the things that was most exciting to me this summer was the prospect of field work!
  • It’s Not Easy Being Blue…
    We have extracted majority of the Costa Rica seedling samples for foliar phosphorus. It’s been very busy in the lab!

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