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Tools, Tech, and Tests

Tools, Tech, and Tests
Soil samples are measured into glass beakers and set out for enzyme analysis

The remaining weeks of my internship will be spent in the lab. I will be running different tests and analyses on my soil and root collections. Below are a few pictures of some of the cool things I get to use in the lab! The analyses I will be performing are soil nitrogen mineralization rates, soil microbial biomass, soil carbon concentration, enzymes, root biomass, root structure and size, and root exudation. All of these tests require the use of many different lab technologies and tools. 

Cheers to lab work!

Micropipette with 8 dispensers
This micropipette was used to quickly dispense solution into soil samples on small trays for enzyme analyses
Machine called Elementar that analyzes samples for element concentrations
Machine called Elementar that analyzes samples for different element concentrations
Centrifuge Machine
A machine with a rapidly rotating container that applies centrifugal force to its contents, typically to separate fluids of different densities (e.g., soil and acid) or liquids from solids.
Licor photosynthesis analyzer machine
Measuring photosynthesis/carbon by gas exchange
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My name is Samantha Panock. I am an undergraduate student at Loyola University Chicago double majoring in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy. I am a 2017 summer undergraduate research intern at The Morton Arboretum. I am conducting soil ecology research under the mentorship of Dr. Meghan Midgley. Our project analyzes the relationships between selected root traits, soil processes, and leaf litter contributions across several tree species in order to provide a more in-depth understanding of below ground operations.