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The Next Step Forward

The Next Step Forward
I shared my results with my mentor and we both got carried away drawing out the next phase.

In life, it's good to be two steps ahead of what you’re currently doing. Sometimes you have to take the time to plan what you’re going to do next.


That’s where I am right now--planning what’s next. I got my final results, which is exciting! I’m now ready to tell the story of my research. Getting to this point was gruelling, and sometimes extremely frustrating, but entirely worth it. I’ve accomplished so much.

But it’s not over yet. In fact, it won’t ever be over, which is just as exciting. I have to start thinking about a lot of things now--including the next few steps. My mentor and I got a little carried away scribbling out where the project could lead us. There are so many possibilities to explore!

But first, I need to focus on preparing for the Field Museum Symposium, where I'll present my findings. I’m extremely nervous, but I’m also very excited to share what I found with the rest of the world. Then I can finally plan and move ahead with this project and the rest of my career. Wish me luck!

About the Author
I'm Cori Butkiewicz, an undergrad from the University of Maryland working in Dr. Christy Rollinson's Forest Ecology Lab for the summer. My research focuses on what drives changes in the prairie-forest boundary.