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Monday, July 13, 2020

I'll start this blog post with a heartfelt salutation, a regional hello from the Lone Star state:

A meow boy on the open prairie, contemplating life. Text above him reads: Howdy from Texas
Postcard postmarked in 2010 and scanned to the internet

As my first post, I struggled with finding the right words to frame this unique situation we find ourselves in the year 2020. At the risk of being overly melancholic, I've decided to be genuine in this personal update from one remote San Antonian learning about trees while in the prairie. 

I'm writing this during the tail end of a heatwave that has cut through central Texas the past few days. As I sequester to my apartment, not only for the global pandemic but for the 105°F+ (40°C+) weather, I'm aware of the isolation. I know this time has been different for everyone and beyond anything I feel selfish for the comfort I am able to experience from my desk chair. The internal struggle presents itself in the form of more isolation tactics, which makes nothing easier, but the name of the game is "adapt and overcome". Given the extra time to think, questions bubble to the top of my mind. I'm worried about the future. I'm worried about our world and especially worried about our people. I wish more than anything for a change in society, an evolution in reasoning and empathy to bring us all together for a greater purpose. Education remains the ladder out of poverty and I recognize what I hope to accomplish directly through tree conservation will not only benefit the wonderful trees we love so much, it will open the oppurtunity for other burgeoning scientists to become champions of trees themselves. We may not know what the future may hold, but I believe in fighting for our future, I believe in a future with many, many, trees, and I believe in you too. Don't give up.

A prairie landscape with tall grass and small scraggly mesquites
Natural Area in Hardberger park, San Antonio, Texas.

Speak to y'all again soon,

Tanya R. Perez


Next Up: Mesquite Trees: are they trees? ( the answer is kinda.) A common feature of central and south Texas, I will present one of my favorite trees in all its glory.





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Native south Texan, experiencing arboriculture from afar, thanks to COVID. I enjoy long walks by trees and conversations about conservation.