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More on Those Pesky Oaks
(Part 2 of 3) Continuing my explanation of my project, this time I'm breaking down my research question in more detail, with my usual cheesy diagrams.
Oaks: A Tricky, Promiscuous Genus
My primary research question for this summer and a bit of the background information necessary to understand it. (Part 1 of 3)
Fieldtrip to Chicago Botanic Garden
Undergraduate Research Fellows and Field Museum interns learn about the research being conducted by interns at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
Honey, I'm Home!
A quick introduction to me (Kasey Pham) and the Arboretum's stupendous Systematics Lab, for those who've ever wondered what it is that we study in the Herbarium on the third floor of the Admin building.
A week of scientific research summarized into three short poems
During my third week at the arboretum I got to work on a few different projects. For your entertainment, I have summarized these projects into short poems.
Springboard Science
Science builds on itself to keep moving forward over time. To make sure I'm helping move science forward too, I've been reading a lot of previously published scientific articles!
Four fellows standing outside of the Botany Laboratory
On Monday, June 13th, The Morton Arboretum welcomed the Center for Tree Science - Undergraduate Research Fellows.
Three Lessons Over Three Weeks
This is a reflection on my, Kirsten Triller's, first three weeks of the Undergraduate Research Fellowship program. Read a self-introduction, and see what I've learned over these past few weeks!
Blending In?
Hello lovely readers! My name is Alison McGarigal and I am one of four Undergraduate Research Fellows working for the Center for Tree Science this summer. In this post I share with you a story about my own fears of blending in here and why they turned out to be completely unfounded.
AND not OR
Hello! I'm Mackenzie, one of the research fellows. This summer I’m working on a project that lets me combine everything I’m interested in - no need to choose “or”!

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