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#ChicagoREU #CTS #URF #MortonSci

What an Adventure!
Amazing how time flies! My summer came quickly to a close, and what an adventure it was!
Watch Your Step: the Nitrogen Moor
Our four part summer series continues with the final phase of my project!
Time Flies When You’re Learning & Having Fun!

I can’t believe I have only one full week left of my fellowship! I have been busy researching and preparing slides and a poster to present next week at the Morton Arboretum Undergraduate Research Symposium and later at the Field Museum for their symposium.


In the Shadow of Fumigation Mountain
Time for phase three of my summer adventure! We took a sojourn from extractions to fumigate the soil and prepare it for C:N analysis.
Welcome to Extraction Land

Upon completion of soil sampling in the forestry plots, we journeyed back to the lab where I would learn the fine art of extracting nutrients from the soil. 

Costa Rica Soil Adventures
Our soil samples from Costa Rica have arrived and we started to collect data.
Always Bring Clippers
The summer is flying by and my days of going out into the field are nearly over!