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Blog Author : lschlaefke

  • Here is a video summary of my 10 weeks at The Morton Arboretum in 2 minutes! Enjoy!
  • Making a Lot More than Conclusions
    Although the main purpose of my time here at The Morton Arboretum was to conduct research, I spent a lot of time outside of the lab visiting new places, learning new things, and talking to new people.
  • Cracking-The (CODE)
    All of my data is in! But wait, what do all of these numbers even mean? This summer I had to learn to use R to analyze my data.
  • Life Beyond the Trees
    Once a week I leave the air conditioning to head out to the tree nursery. Each week I come across something new; a bird, a butterfly, a squirrel… The Morton Arboretum has so much more life to offer than just the trees!
  • Rooting for Results
    After starting my URF internship, I realized that you don't always get the results you want right away. It takes lots of trial and error to finally receive comprehensible data!