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Participants Blog

  • I’d like to share a reflection on our results and what I learned this summer as part of the REU program.
  • Would you like to know a bit about what I'm doing this summer? Come read! It seems many people are intrigued by a virtual REU experience and how that relates to ground beetles.
  • To identify a tree, we first have to identify its characteristics. This summer I've had to identify the tree of heaven probably over a hundred times and yet I still find myself asking the same question to any tree that even remotely resembles a tree of heaven, what are you?


  • Right Now and Into the Future
    A quick overview of the conservation ecology work I've been doing this summer.
  • The idea of simulations always intrigued me, even though I never knew much about them. I was interested in their predictive power, how modeling complex systems could be simplified into code, and what potential they have in many fields.
  • Not a Hallmark movie, but a discussion of how we can use sap flow to improve our understanding of tree health!
  • Tanya's Texan Contemplation and Introduction
  • It has been about a month since we started our internship and I am so happy at how smoothly everything has been going. Internships across the world have been canceled, but our REU program is still going strong.

  • Longings for Bass, Birches, and Shared Spaces
    This post briefly discusses the importance of optimism and composure when faced with adversity. In uncertain times, often our expectations and feelings of entitlement are challenged. Attitude makes all the difference, as well as knowing what you can, and cannot, control.
  • REU students identified and measured local trees as part of the remote program this year. Here are some resources and introductory tips for observing trees in your neighborhood.

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