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Tree and plant selection

Tree and Plant section advice-photo of Oak CollectionWhether you're looking for a shade tree, a flowering shrub, or a ground cover, The Morton Arboretum's selection tools can help you decide on a plant that is just right for your property.


These tree and plant selection tools are based on nearly a century of research and experience at the Arboretum in choosing and growing landscape plants in the Midwest and other temperate climates. With these tools, you can find trees and other plants that we recommend for yards, gardens, parks, streets, and other situations, and a few plants that we recommend you avoid.

Northern Illinois Tree Selector

If you are looking for a tree that will thrive in your northern Illinois planting site, use the Tree Selector search. Enter the location, site conditions, and preferences for options suggested by experts at The Morton Arboretum. A printable list will give you side-by-side comparisons for choosing the best tree for your circumstances. LEARN MORE

Tree and Plant Finder

Use the the Tree and Plant Finder tool to identify trees—and plants—suitable for a variety of climates. LEARN MORE

Tree and plant descriptions

Browse through the entire alphabetical list of over 500 descriptions of trees, shrubs, and other plants. LEARN MORE