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Horticulture care

Irrigation bag for watering new trees.

Look here for advice on caring for trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, and entire landscapes. The Morton Arboretum's plant advice is backed by nearly a century of experience and research on selecting, planting and caring for landscapes in the Midwest and other temperate climates.


Caring for plants

Animal damage

Choosing an arborist


How and when to water

Plant Clinic Tip: How to Care for Your Trees (video)

Watering trees and shrubs

Mulching trees and shrubs

Lightning protection


Pruning deciduous shrubs

Pruning evergreens

Pruning trees

Landscape design

Getting started with a landscape design

Plants that attract butterflies

Trees and shrubs that attract birds

Trees and shrubs for the four seasons landscape

Plant problems

Black walnut toxicity (plants tolerant of)


Decline in trees and shrubs

Deep roots are harming trees

Deer (plants not favored by)

Preventing construction damage in trees and shrubs

Preventing or reducing fruit on ornamental trees and shrubs

Tree root problems

Tree roots and foundation damage

Trunk wounds and decay

Planting trees and shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs

Planting under power lines

Caring for new transplants

Fall planting


Problem plants

Poison ivy control

Soil and plants

All about soil



Through the seasons

Garden calendar

Fall gardening tips

Seasonal needle drop

Selecting the perfect Christmas tree

Winter garden care

Weather-related issues

Drought care

Growing degree days

Winter injury to trees and shrubs