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Gardens at the Arboretum

Maze Garden at The Morton Arboretum
Maze Garden at The Morton Arboretum

Many beautiful gardens and landscapes can be found on the East and West Sides of The Morton Arboretum. We encourage you to click on the links below to learn more about each of these horticultural gems, and the gardens themselves as you enjoy the Arboretum.

Container Gardens

Around The Morton Arboretum, you'll find colorful, creative, and sometimes whimsical container gardens. These popular seasonal displays inspire many visitors to add color and texture to their own home gardens and landscapes. learn more

Four Season Garden

A small formal garden designed to provide visual interest throughout the year can be found in front of the Thornhill Education Center at The Morton Arboretum. learn more

Fragrance Garden

Follow your nose to the inviting fragrance garden at The Morton Arboretum, just west of the Thornhill Education Center at the north end of Joy Path. learn more

Ground Cover Garden

A living carpet of foliage and flowers graces The Morton Arboretum’s Ground Cover Garden, linking the Visitor Center to the Research Center and the Sterling Morton Library. learn more

Herb Garden

In a small space at the east side of the Research Building at The Morton Arboretum is an herb garden that contains roughly 50 different kinds of herbs, ornamental perennials, and shrubs chosen for their usefulness and place in herbal folklore. learn more

May T. Watts Reading Garden 

An intimate garden named in honor of May Theilgaard Watts, a long-time educator, ecologist, and environmentalist at The Morton Arboretum, is tucked away next to the library. It is is ideal for reading or browsing through one of the library's many fine books or reading one of your own. learn more

Maze Garden

Mazes have stimulated imagination and have figured in myth and legend throughout history. The one-acre Maze Garden at The Morton Arboretum offers an adventure for young and old alike. The maze changes from season to season. LEARN MORE