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Community tree resources

The Community Trees Program, the urban forestry outreach program of The Morton Arboretum, provides help to many different audiences, from professionals to homeowners.  Our goal is to provide people with the knowledge and resources to make sure that the right tree is planted in the right place and then cared for properly.  

Community Outreach

As resources permit, the Community Trees Program will attend community events, provide a speaker for community events, provide event resources, or host a booth at Arbor Day tree planting events.  We value the opportunity to connect with communities and educate people about the urban forest. For information, please email communitytrees@mortonarb.org.


Diversity in planting trees

Advice on creating an urban and community forest with trees representing a wider variety of species so that the whole forest  is less vulnerable to invasive species, climate change, and severe weather. LEARN MORE

Help for community forestry

Find materials on a variety of topics of interest to land managers, landowners, forestry industry staff and professionals, and anyone interested in urban forestry and trees. LEARN MORE


Funding resources

Learn about grants and other sources of funding for urban forestry projects and operations. LEARN MORE

Practical care for trees

Learn about best practices for caring for trees in the difficult environment of streets, parks, school grounds, office parks, and backyards.  LEARN MORE

Sustainable large landscapes

The green spaces of homeowners associations, office campuses, industrial parks, schools, park districts and other large properties are expensive and complex to maintain. Changing maintenance and planting practices for these large landscapes can make a real difference in the health of people and ecosystems. learn more


Articles for resident communications

Articles on trees and their care that can be used by municipalities and other agencies and organizations in their newsletters and other communications with residents. LEARN MORE