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Restoration strategies

Prescribed burn on the Schulenberg Prairie at The Morton Arboretum

Fire is an essential ingredient of Midwestern native landscapes. Carefully controlled prescribed burns, such as this one at The Morton Arboretum's Schulenberg Prairie, are essential to exclude invasive species and encourage native plants and animals. (c) The Morton Arboretum 2015

It takes knowledge, planning, adaptation, and time to conserve and restore natural areas today in the face of such challenges as invasive plants insects, and diseases and groundwater and surface water flow that has been altered by development.

Restoration work is often combined with the Arboretum's research to improve techniques and expand knowledge. Meanwhile, careful monitoring of trees, plants, animals and other organisms provides important information about the ecosystems’ health.


Canopy thinning for oak woodland restoration
Prescribed burning in woods and prairies
Fostering native species
Invasive species control
Wildlife monitoring
Wetland restoration


Schulenberg Prairie
East Prairie
Crowley Marsh
Meadow Lake


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