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Get involved in restoration


The Natural Resources Program has over 200 invaluable volunteers who carry out this work.  We have a spot for you!  Anyone can get involved.  You do not have to be a botanist, nor do you need to commit to regular times. Visit the Volunteer Program page to find out how to become a volunteer with the Natural Resources Management Team at the Arboretum.

The Team works throughout the Arboretum’s Natural Areas, including the wetlands, prairies, and woodlands.

Volunteer crews carry out many different restoration activities essential for maintaining healthy habitats on Arboretum grounds.  Some of the activities you can get involved with are: controlling invasive species, monitoring wildlife and plant populations, implementing prescribed fire, collecting native seeds, and planting native species, among other activities

The Team is composed of several Restoration Groups. Please check with the Volunteer Office to find out which Groups are currently accepting new volunteers or click to view current volunteer opportunities.


Natural Areas Conservation Training Program

If you want to learn more about ecological restoration and how to apply it, then the Natural Areas Conservation Training Program is for you.  This is an additional training opportunity the Arboretum offers, it is not required to volunteer at the Arboretum, but it is available.