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Research projects and collaborations

Arboretum scientists and collaborators conduct research and build collaborative research resources to make an impactful contribution to the Arboretum’s mission to create a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world.  These projects encompass applied and basic questions about tree care, plant diversity, and ecosystem restoration that address the key challenges facing trees and plants.  We work right in our own backyard, in the 1,700 acres of living collections and natural areas, and across the globe, with foci in the Midwest USA, Mexico, and subtropical Asia.  These projects incorporate and expand upon a large number of collaborators at a wide variety of institutions, from botanical gardens, industry, academia, and government regionally and worldwide.

Science and Conservation projects address the key challenges facing trees and plants:

  • Understanding evolution, distributions, and taxonomy
  • Resilience and adaptation to pests, pathogens, land use, and climate change
  • Expanding knowledge and protection of genetic and species diversity in collections and in place
  • Sustaining habitats, ecosystem processes, and ecosystem services
  • Improving performance of trees and plants as green infrastructure to improve the health and beauty of cities and towns
  • Development of engineering tools, databases, biological archives, research platforms, and new study methods
  • Public awareness of the diversity, function, and value of trees for nature and society

Explore specific Science and Conservation projects in these areas of research: