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Integrated Mentorship Program

Eleven students and one keynote speaker in two rows in the Sycamore Room at The Morton Arboretum with a powerpoint presentation projected behind them.
Summer symposium featuring fellows' research presentations and a keynote address by Dr. Meg Lowman.

The Integrated Mentorship Program at the Center for Tree Science supports students and professionals at every stage in their career. In 2021, we are excited to offer up to eight Research Technician Fellowships to high school or undergradute students with little or no experience, in order to gain skills and insight into plant science and related fields. Learn more here.  

Students in high school and beyond can earn one of four Center for Tree Science Fellowships.  Our mentorship program also offers opportunities to professionals to collaborate with the Center for Tree Science in advancing our mission and vision and to discover their own path to success. 

Learn more about careers in tree science at Canopy Career Chronicles and the Plant Podcast.  Our Participants Blog is a great place to find our more about students' experiences with the Integrated Mentorship Program.


Students - Contact ccarrier@mortonarb.org to learn more.

Research Technician Fellow - For high school and undergraduate students interested in experiencing scientific research and tree science.  Commit 10-15 hours per week for a semester, develop a mentorship contract, get paid, and participate in ongoing research in a scientific lab.  Be mentored by PhD-level scientists and see what it’s like to join a lab.  Laboratory, computer, and field opportunities available. Learn more here.

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program - A paid 10-week summer program for enrolled undergraduate students.  Gain direct experience in all aspects of a research project from researching the primary literature to sampling design, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting at a final symposium.  Develop skills in critical thinking, independence, and collaboration. Learn more and apply here.

Research Experience Extension Fellowship - This program is for students who have participated in the REU and want to return to continue their research or for students who are working with mentors at their home institutions and want to expand their work to the Arboretum.  Students can use their project as honor’s or senior thesis projects. 

Graduate Research Fellowship - For enrolled PhD students who have completed the majority of their prerequisites for candidacy and have a dissertation project aligned with Center for Tree Science goals.


Professionals - Contact ccarrier@mortonarb.org for information.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship - Become a full-time employee at The Morton Arboretum and contribute your expertise to Center for Tree Science priorities.  Applicants must have received a PhD within the past six years, be actively conducting research and publishing scientific articles, but not yet hold a permanent academic position.

Early-Career Fellowship - Designed for early-career scientists or tree care professionals with a position 1) at a recognized research institute with a proven track record of productivity or 2) with industry or a municipality focusing on tree care or natural resource management.  Participate in collaborative research projects or spend a sabbatical with the Center for Tree Science.

Research Assistants - Staff employed in the Center for Tree Science also interact and collaborate with lead scientists, benefit from professional development opportunities.

Senior Scientist Fellowship - Experienced scientists contributing their accumulated expertise and insight to the larger Center for Tree Science community.  Professionals working in related fields, either directly in arboriculture or general education, and whose work would benefit from a more detailed and robust knowledge of tree scientific research, can apply for a fellowship to participate in ongoing Center for Tree Science projects.