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Koyamas spruce

Koyama's spruce (Picea koyamae) is a tall cone-bearing tree native to just a few isolated locations in Japan. It is extremely rare in the wild, with only a few hundred trees remaining.

This species is critically endangered because it is being out-competed by other tree species that are being planted nearby for timber. When Koyama's spruce trees are lost due to logging, fire, or typhoons, trees of other species move in to replace this endangered spruce.

Scientists have analyzed the genes of this species and determined that its small, fragmented populations are not reproducing with one another. This genetic bottleneck makes the species even more susceptible to extinction.

What can you do? Be a champion of trees and advocate for tree conservation. Support botanic gardens and arboreta that conduct threatened tree research and conservation.


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Koyamas spruce


Koyamas spruce


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