Nancy Hamill Winter: Inspiring Others to Protect Trees

Portrait of woman standing near river
Nancy Hamill Winter
January 31, 2017

Nancy Hamill Winter, a lifelong advocate for nature, hopes the Hamill Family Foundation’s $3 million gift to the Growing Brilliantly campaign at the Arboretum will inspire others to join her in caring for trees and protecting the environment.

“Human beings depend upon the natural environment,” Nancy says. “We have to work hard to protect trees and nature. It won’t just happen by itself.”

The Hamill Family Foundation’s $3 million gift to support tree science and conservation programs at the Arboretum includes $1 million in matching funds, designed to encourage others to become part of a community of people working to protect trees. Thanks to the $1 Million Hamill Family Challenge, people can double their impact immediately when they make a gift to the Growing Brilliantly campaign.

“The Arboretum has poised itself to be a leader in worldwide conservation for trees,” says Nancy, who often visited the Arboretum with her mother as a child and even took classes with famed naturalist May Watts. She is a graduate of the Arboretum’s naturalist certificate program and a former Arboretum trustee.

Nancy’s focus now is preserving the natural environment for future generations, particularly the prairie landscape she enjoyed as a child while growing up in then-rural Kane and DuPage counties.

In addition to having their gifts matched by the Challenge, those who participate may qualify for tribute and recognition opportunities and receive invitations to campaign events, tours, and previews. Arboretum members will be receiving more information about the Challenge in a mailing that will arrive this month.

Learn more about doubling the impact of your gift through the $1 Million Hamill Family Challenge.