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The Morton Arboretum Introduces Guide To Selecting And Planting Trees, Northern Illinois Tree Species List

April 27, 2015

It takes only a short time to plant a tree, but how a tree is planted can have a lasting influence on its future growth. To help retailers, landscape architects, municipalities and homeowners select trees that will thrive for the future, The Morton Arboretum has introduced its updated guide to Selecting and Planting Trees, along with the new Northern Illinois Tree Species List, a comprehensive list of trees available for planting in northern Illinois.

The two companion publications offer current, scientifically-based tree planting and selection advice gleaned from the Arboretum’s decades of tree-focused research. 

“There are 12 million ash trees in Chicago and its surrounding counties, most of which we will eventually lose due to the emerald ash borer (EAB). While we can’t stop the current damage, we can plant a wide variety of tree species to ensure a healthy tree canopy in the future,” said Nicole Cavender, PhD, vice president of science and conservation at The Morton Arboretum. “These two publications offer homeowners, nurseries, municipalities and landscape architects the tools to choose the right tree for the right place, for a greener, healthier northern Illinois.” 

Selecting and Planting Trees
This publication highlights key factors to consider when planting a tree, including planting site characteristics, purchasing a quality tree, planting a tree and maintaining the newly-planted tree. The guide covers everything from evaluating your soil to when to plant, to what to look for when choosing a quality tree and how to maintain your tree.  A helpful checklist ensures trees will have all they need to thrive once they’re in the ground.

Northern Illinois Tree Species List
The Northern Illinois Tree Species List is a comprehensive list of nearly 200 trees available in northern Illinois, listed in chart form for easy review and selection. Each tree listed is categorized by ideal planting site, growth information (categories include height, width, light required, native to Illinois among others), tolerances, and ornamental interest.

The two publications were developed in collaboration with the Chicago Region Trees Initiative, a partnership of organizations working together for a healthier regional forest. The Morton Arboretum’s Selecting and Planting Trees Guide and Northern Illinois Tree Species List are currently available online and in print form. Visit mortonarb.org/tree-selector for information.