Leading Chicago-area Museums Partner with The Morton Arboretum This Arbor Day

A woman holds out a tree tag on a large conifer near the entrance of the Shedd Aquarium.
Many museums, such as the Shedd Aquarium, will join the Arboretum as tree champions this Arbor Day.
March 28, 2017

For the second year in a row, museums across Chicago and the western suburbs are partnering with The Morton Arboretum to draw attention to trees in celebration of Arbor Day, April 28.

Eight premiere cultural institutions will stand with the Arboretum as tree champions this April, as staff and volunteers hang oversized tags from trees on their respective campuses. These brightly-colored tags highlight some of the many reasons why tree are important and encourage Chicagoans to act as “tree champions” in their own neighborhoods.

Staff and volunteers from the following institutions are helping the Arboretum draw attention to trees by hanging tree tags:

Along with others, Lincoln Park Zoo will share printed materials about Arbor Day and steps their patrons can take to be tree champions in their everyday lives.

“We welcome the opportunity to stand with The Morton Arboretum because we all have a stake in the health of trees,” said Joe Rothleutner, director of horticulture at the Lincoln Park Zoo. “Trees are an important part of the well-being of people and wildlife worldwide—trees provide us all with shelter, food, and cleaner air. In celebrating Arbor Day, we are looking to our future where people and wildlife coexist and thrive.”