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Help Your Community Help Trees

January 30, 2013
Emerald ash borer, drought, road construction, climate change—threats to the trees that give so much to our neighborhoods are many, and even professionals aren’t always sure  how to cope.
Fortunately, there’s help. The Community Trees Program at The Morton Arboretum offers advice, workshops, webinars, an email newsletter, and many other forms of concrete help to municipalities, park districts, other public agencies, and concerned citizens.  Its job is to extend the knowledge and expertise of The Morton Arboretum to the people who have the responsibility of caring for the millions of trees in the Chicago region.
There are brochures and workshops for citizens and communities on how to make the tough decisions that come with the devastation of the emerald ash borer. There are workshops, webinars, and other training on how to conduct inventories of trees, how to help trees through drought, how to minimize damage to trees from utility and road work, and many other topics.
An email newsletter for foresters and public officials includes articles that can be reproduced in village newsletters, as well as a wealth of advice for caring for trees on public and private land.
Check out the Community Trees website and recommend it to the officials in your town, school district, or park district who are responsible for tree care. It’s one way you can help care for your local urban forest.