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Gifts for a gardener

Fall merchandise in The Arboretum Store
The Arboretum Store has a selection of nature-inspired gifts.
November 23, 2015


Drop by The Arboretum Store to find a distinctive, inspiring, or useful gift for your favorite gardener. It’s a perfect way to warm up after enjoying Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum


Do-it-all tool: This stainless steel Zenbori Soil Knife has a hundred uses: weeding, planting, dividing perennials, measuring the right depth to plant bulbs, opening mulch bags, cutting through tough roots, and many more. With sheath, $32.

Twine control: Make it easy to tie up vines or bundles of yard debris with a can of Mr. Carroll's Quality Garden Twine. The twine feeds neatly out through a hole in the lid of the handy can. No tangles! With 365 feet of jute twine, $14.

Perfect arrangements: A flower gardener can create neat and well-balanced arrangements with Easy Arrangers, wire mesh floral frogs that fit right over the top of the vase. A perfect stocking stuffer. Set of three, $18.

Winter melody:  The Woodstock Chimes Prairie Jasper Chime (below) combines jasper stone, bronze, and teak wood for music from every winter breeze. Made in the U.S., $34. Woodstock Chimes Prairie Jasper Chime

Welcome feast: Cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, finches, and titmice will quickly find the Mr. Bird Wild Bird Feast, a compact, tidy cylinder of pecans, black-oil sunflowers, sunflower hearts, and white millet. With mesh for hanging, $9.50. Or use it with the EZ-Feeder, $20.


The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden by Rick Darke and Douglas W. Tallamy (Timber Press, 392 pages). Two influential proponents of naturalistic, wildlife-friendly gardening help gardeners plan an attractive landscape of native plants. $39.95

Growing the Midwest Garden by Ed Lyon (Timber Press, 320 pages)) Great plant picks, site-specific designs, and solid, climate- and soil-appropriate advice from an acknowledged expert in the gardens of the Midwest. $24.95

Kiss My Aster: A Graphic Guide to Creating a Fantastic Yard Totally Tailored to You by Amanda Thomsen (Storey Books, 160 pages). This funny, offbeat, entertainingly illustrated book from a Chicago writer is an interactive guide to designing an outdoor space that is exactly what you want. $16.95.

Trees 4 Seasons: A Visual Guide by Daniel D. Weinbach (Twain Publishers, 167 pages) A Chicago landscape architect photographed individual trees from the same vantage point in each season of the year. The photography is lovely, and the photos provide crucial information about what to expect all year when you plant a tree. $35.

Winter Tree Finder: A Manual for Identifying Deciduous Trees in Winter by May Theilgaard Watts  and Tom Watts (Nature Study Guides, 64 pages). This handy little book easily fits in a pocket (or a stocking) and can help the whole family delve deep into nature on a winter outing. It’s one of a classic series of guides by May Watts, the Arboretum’s renowned nature educator. $5.95.

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