fbpx Fall Color Report: October 7-October 13, 2016 | The Morton Arboretum

Fall Color Report: October 7-October 13, 2016

Trees with yellow leaves in fall
Hints of color are developing in the woods at The Morton Arboretum.
October 7, 2016

Hints of color are developing in the woods at The Morton Arboretum. Green and yellow are still the dominant colors, with oranges beginning to develop in the tops of the sugar maples. Once bright sunny days and cool nights arrive, the pigments in the leaves will shift and the colors will develop further.

For the latest fall color updates from the Arboretum, call the Bloom 'n Color Hotline at 630-719-7955.


East Side


Visitor Center Parking (Parking Lot 1): Red has appeared on the Jeffersred Freeman maples at the south end of the medians. Leaves are turning yellow on hackberry and Peking lilacs. Some reds are showing on sumacs and oak-leaved hydrangeas.

Elm, Linden and Corktree Collections (Parking Lots 1 and 2): Yellow is appearing on the corktrees, lindens and elms.

Northern Illinois and Midwest Collections (Parking Lot 2): Ohio buckeyes are dropping reddish-brown leaves. Coffeetree, redbud, bur oak, and hackberry leaves are turning yellow. Flowering dogwoods show pale reddish-purple in their leaves and bright red fruits. A red maple has some pale red color.

Frost Hill (Parking Lot 3): Hackberries and redbuds are turning yellow. Buckeyes are dropping leaves. Drummond’s aster shows some pale blue blooms. The view from the hill overlooking Northern Illinois and the DuPage River valley is still mostly green. Still, sumacs in Northern Illinois are showing red. Magnolia and beech trees to the west are turning yellow. Pine trees on the top of the hill have some yellow needles, which is normal needle at this time of year.

Crabapple Lake and Rose Family Collection (Parking Lot 4): Fruits on mountain-ash are reddish. Crabapple fruits are starting to mature and turn color. Black walnut leaves are turning yellow and dropping, as are some of the large green fruits.

Crowley Marsh and Magnolia Collection (Parking Lot 5): Drummond’s asters still have some pale blue flowers. Walnut leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Gray dogwood is turning purple. A black willow in the marsh is turning yellow.

Buckeye Collection (Parking Lot 6): Buckeyes are mostly bare. Some branchlets are turning yellow on corktrees, walnuts, and lindens. Redbuds along the woodland edges are turning yellow, and witch-hazels near Spikerush Marsh are showing some yellow.

Maple and Oak Collections (Parking Lots 7 and 8): Park and walk through the Maple Collection to see colors beginning to appear on maples from around the world. Armstrong Freeman maples are turning pink. Some oaks are showing hints of yellow.

East Woods (Parking Lots 8 to 15): Along the edge of the road, Drummond’s asters still show some pale blue flowers. Walnuts are dropping yellow leaves. Elms, redbuds, lindens, and ironwoods are showing some yellow among the green. High in the tree canopy, where the sun hits the tops of the sugar maples, leaves are turning yellow-green with some hints of pale orange.

Big Rock Visitor Station (Parking Lot 1): Asters are still blooming in blue. In the woods, sugar maples are showing a bit of yellow where there leaves are exposed to the sun, with hints of orange in some of the treetops.

Maple and Beech Collections (Parking Lot 14): Park and walk through the Maple and Beech Collections to see fall color beginning to develop on maples from around the world.

East Woods (Parking Lot 15): Sugar maples just starting to show yellow leaves among the green.

Appalachia, China and Japan Collections (Parking Lots 16 to 18): Flowering dogwoods’ leaves are turning reddish-purple, and they have bright red fruits. Yellow and hints of orange are showing in the tops of the sugar maples. Miyabe maples are yellow-green. Some yellow is showing on the elms in the China Collection. Asian maples to the south of the road are beginning to show pale yellow with some hints of red.

Sumac Collection (Parking Lot 18): Red is starting to show on staghorn sumac and shining sumac.

West Side Main Route


River Bridge: Peking lilacs and American beech are turning yellow-green.

Crabapple and Europe Collections and retention basin (Parking Lot 19): Grasses are maturing and turning gold and shades of brown and purple. Swamp and silky dogwoods are beginning to turn purple. The top of the great Miyabe maple far to the west along Joy Path is turning yellow.

Founder’s Grove (Parking Lot 20): Redbuds, coffeetrees, and witch-hazels are turning yellow-green. Virginia creeper vines are turning red as they climb up tree trunks.

Thornhill Education Center (Parking Lot 21): Marmo and Jeffersred Freeman maples are still mainly green, but hints of pink are beginning to show. Redbuds, catalpas, coffeetrees, and sycamores are turning yellow. Virginia creeper vines, some viburnums, and sumacs are turning red.

Daffodil Glade (Parking Lots 22 and 23): A few yellow leaves can be seen on walnuts, elms, and ironwoods. Some Drummond’s asters are still pale blue.

Pine Hill (Parking Lot 24): Pale-blue Drummond’s asters and yellow touch-me-not provide color.

Schulenberg Prairie (Parking Lot 25): Shades of blue and purple can be seen in fall asters and gentians. Walnut leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Elms, hickories, and black cherries also are turning yellow.

Sterling Pond (Parking Lots 25 and 29): Drummond’s asters still have pale blue blooms. Sugar maples are beginning to turn yellow with some hints of pale-orange. Hackberries, ironwoods, and bur oaks are turning yellow.

Birch Collection (Parking Lots 30 and 31): Birches are quickly dropping their yellowing leaves, showing off their attractive bark.

Nut Tree Collection (Parking Lot 31): Walnut leaves are turning yellow-green and dropping.

DuPage River and Willow Island (Parking Lot 32): Maples along the south fence are showing hints of yellow-green at their tops. Freeman maples across the river are showing hints of reddish purple. Bur oaks and redbuds are turning yellow.

Godshalk Meadow (Parking Lot 33): Miyabe maples are turning light yellow-green.

West Side Alternate Route


Sargent’s Glade (Parking Lot 26): Bur oaks are dropping yellowing leaves. Pale blue flowers can still be seen on Drummond’s asters. Leaves are turning yellow and dropping from walnuts. Coffeetrees are turning yellow.

Lake Marmo and Sterling Pond (Parking Lots 27 and 28): Catalpas, redbuds, bur oak, ironwoods, and coffeetrees are turning yellow-green. The great Freeman maple on the north side of Lake Marmo is beginning to show purple. Sugar maples are turning yellow-green. Drummond’s asters still have pale blue flowers.

Lower Joy Path and Lake Road: Most trees are still green, but the great Miyabe maple along Joy Path is beginning to turn yellow-green. Persimmons and tuliptrees also are turning yellow.