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Fall Color Report: October 6-12, 2017

Trees in fall color and blue sky
Colors beginning to turn on the west side.
October 6, 2017

Cool temperatures have slowed the color change for many trees and shrubs this week. Fall color has developed faster than normal, but in unusual patterns because of dryness. How long it will last and how intense the colors may become are all up to the weather. Because many trees and shrubs are stressed by the dry conditions, individual leaves may turn color, begin to dry out, and then drop.

Sugar maples in the East Woods are beginning to turn yellow and orange, although some leaves have brown edges caused by the dry conditions. Some woody plants like buckeye and Virginia creeper have already changed color and dropped their leaves. Plants showing fall color now include sugar maple, redbud, ironwood, elm, black cherry, white ash, black walnut, Freeman maple, coffeetree, corktree, honey locust, witch-hazel, tree lilac, katsura, zelkova, and pawpaw.

The best areas to view fall color this week are the Maple Collection (Parking Lots 7, 8, and 14); the Sumac Collection (Parking Lot 18); the China Collection (Parking Lot 17); the East Woods (Parking Lots 8 through 13 and 15); the area around Lake Marmo (Parking Lots 27 and 28); and the Schulenberg Prairie (Parking Lot 25).