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Fall Color Report: October 27-November 2, 2017

A branch showing bright red maple leaves.
A bright red maple shines in the sun on the Arboretum's east side.
October 27, 2017

Some of the best color viewing this fall season is taking place now in the East Woods and Schulenberg Prairie. The effect of the recent wet weather, cool temperatures and sunnier days has brought out color in the Arboretum’s tree collections and East Woods. Leaf coloring is progressing more quickly now in the East Woods, where visitors will see an abundance of yellow maple leaves. Oaks are beginning to change in the natural areas and in the Oak Collection.

Plants showing fall color now include: coffeetree, gray and flowering dogwoods, elm, ginkgo, bitternut hickory, ironwood, tree lilac, honey locust, katsura, Asian maples, sugar maple, pawpaw, oaks, redbud, tupelo, black walnut, witch-hazel (and fall flowers), and Japanese zelkova. Crabapples and white-fruited mountain-ash are showing their fruits near Crabapple Lake.

The best areas to view fall color this week are the Maple (P7, P8, & P14), Sumac (P18), Appalachian (P16), and China (P17) Collections, the East Woods (P8-P13 and P15), around Lake Marmo (P27 & P28), and the Schulenberg Prairie (P25).

Nature is at times as unpredictable as it is beautiful. Images capture a moment that may have faded or may still linger. But with trees from more than 40 countries around the world, the Arboretum's grounds bring the beauty of fall to our visitors all season long.