fbpx Fall Color Report October 12-18, 2018 | The Morton Arboretum

Fall Color Report October 12-18, 2018

A close look at yellow leaves
October 12, 2018

Cool nights mean fall color is ramping up. Sugar maples along Route 53 are turning red-orange with the change of color accelerating in our collections and woodlands.


Katsura, corktree, honey locust, hackberry, redbud, American elm, American and European beeches, Miyabe maple, bur oak and Kentucky coffeetree are showing various shades of yellow and yellow-green leaves. Flowering and gray dogwood are showing purple-red. Sumac, poison ivy, and Virginia creepers in full sun are red while those in shady sites are still green. Yellow buckeyes are turning yellow. The Maple Collection on the east side is a good place to take a fall color walk. Trees in our parking lot medians are showing the earliest color change, because of the more stressful site conditions.

Sugar maples are turning orange where they are exposed to the sun. Ironwood, elms, hickories, and hackberries are starting to show yellow. Sumacs at the Big Rock Visitor Station are turning red. Walnuts are still dropping their large heavy nuts. The prairie is a good place to visit with late fall asters blooming, and tall grasses beginning to color.

The recent weather is speeding fall color development. Colors will be changing almost daily, so get out and enjoy as often as possible!