fbpx Fall Color Report: November 5-November 11, 2015 | The Morton Arboretum

Fall Color Report: November 5-November 11, 2015

Fall color at The Morton Arboretum
Japanese maple
November 9, 2015

The large fall color display is over, but there are still colorful vignettes to be found that are worth a drive through the collections and natural areas.


East Side

Visitor Center and Parking (Parking Lot 1): Blue star is yellow; swamp white oaks show russet-browns; viburnums and oak-leaved hydrangeas are reddish-purple; crabapple fruits are showing red.

Elm, Linden and Corktree collections (Parking Lots 1 & 18): A few late yellow leaves on elms; American beech is coppery; witch-hazels and pawpaw are dropping yellow.

Rhododendrons, Diversity, Northern Illinois and Midwest collections (Parking Lot 2): Pawpaws and bottlebrush buckeyes are dropping yellow leaves; pin oak is reddish-brown; pecans are turning golden-brown; and witch-hazels are blooming yellow.

Frost Hill (Parking Lot 3): The view across the valley shows shades of spotty yellow and a few oranges against green of evergreens; the Japanese zelkovas are reddish-brown; and the dawn-redwoods and bald-cypresses are russet.

Crabapple Lake and Rose Family Collection (Parking Lot 4): Crabapples show red and yellow fruits; and late turning pears are showing yellows and red-browns.

Crowley Marsh and Magnolia Collection (Parking Lot 5): Magnolias and tuliptrees are showing yellow-browns; and oaks are showing reddish-browns.

Buckeye Collection (Parking Lot 6): Red oaks in the woods to the north are hanging on to reddish-brown leaves; understory green invasive shrubs are turning yellow.

Maple and Oak collections (Parking Lots 7 and 8): The Oak collections still has some very nice yellows, reds and reddish-browns.

East Woods (Parking Lots 8 to 15): A few late changing sugar maples still show yellow; understory green invasive shrubs are turning yellow; red oaks are showing reddish-brown leaves.

Beech Collection (Parking Lot 14): Beeches show green, yellows and golden-browns.

Near East Woods (Parking Lot 15): Another spot to stop and catch a few late changing sugar maples still show yellow; and red oaks showing reddish-brown leaves.

Appalachia, China and Japan collections (Parking Lots 16 to 18): This area features late yellow pawpaws & hornbeams and Oriental beeches; yellow-fruited crabs and russet dawn-redwood.

Sumac, Corktree, Linden and Elm collections (Parking Lots 1 & 18): Last of Asian maples and ginkgos; greenish smoke-trees turning yellows and reds.


West Side


Godshalk & Olive Family (Parking Lot 33): American beeches are russet-browns; magnolias are orangish-yellow; Turkish-hazel is yellow and tree lilacs losing late yellow leaves.

Ozarks (Parking Lot 19): American beeches are russet-browns; pawpaws are dropping yellow leaves; and bald-cypresses are coppery-browns.

Crabapple and Europe collections (Parking Lot 19): Europe is showing spotty yellows against the evergreen backdrop; crabapples are showing red and yellow fruits; magnolias to the west are showing brownish-yellows.

Founder’s Grove (Parking Lot 20): Witch-hazels are blooming yellow.

Thornhill Education Center (Parking Lot 21): Yellow ginkgos and hornbeams; coppery bald cypress; reddish viburnums.

Daffodil Glade (Parking Lots 22 and 23): Red oaks show late reddish-browns; young white oaks still show some purples.

Pine Hill (Parking Lot 24): Mostly greens of the pines with scattered yellows in the understory.

Schulenberg Prairie and Savanna (Parking Lot 25): Grasses are still colorful; tufted seeds of goldenrods show silvery-tans.

Sterling Pond (Parking Lots 25 and 29): Understory honeysuckles and buckthorns are turning from green to yellows.

Birch Collection (Parking Lots 30 and 31): Leaves on birches are mostly gone, and the show has turned to their attractive peeling bark.

Walnuts & Hickories (Parking Lot 31): Walnuts are bare; pecans are turning yellowish-brown.

DuPage River and Godshalk Meadow (Parking Lot 32 & 33): Swamp white oaks are reddish-brown; weeping willows are just starting to turn yellow.


Alternate Route


Sargent’s Glade, Lake Marmo (Parking Lots 26 to 28): In Sargent’s Glade, young white oaks still show some purple leaves; the large Freeman maple is starting to drop purple leaves; witch-hazels to the north are blooming yellow; larches are just starting to turn.

Dogwoods, Joy Path & Ozarks (Parking 19): Magnolias along Joy Path are yellow and golden-yellow; Ozarks show yellow pawpaw, bald cypresses are coppery-brown and bright red holly fruits are showing.


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