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April 25, 2013
LISLE, IL (April 25, 2013) – As Chicago presents a new plan to treat its ash trees for the Emerald ash borer, The Morton Arboretum wants to remind media and homeowners of the facts about these insects.
The tiny Emerald ash borers are ravaging millions of ash trees in the Chicagoland area. While treatment of trees can reduce the effects of the insects or prolong the life of the tree, it's not a long-term solution, according to Dr. Nicole Cavender, vice president of science and conservation at The Morton Arboretum. "Although there is currently no 'silver bullet' to eradicate the Emerald ash borer, noticing the symptoms early on allows for a wider range of treatment options," she explains.
About 12.7 million ash trees in the seven-county Chicago region are or will be affected by the insects. To know if your trees are affected, look for:
  • A thinning tree canopy, caused by nutrients and water that can't reach the top.
  • Suckers or new young branches sprouting from the tree's trunk.
  • Holes in the bark or branches, from woodpeckers looking for an Emerald ash borer lunch.
The Morton Arboretum is a national leader in the care and conservation of trees, and is currently conducting research on the Emerald ash borer. More information on the Emerald ash borer and trees is available on our website at mortonarb.org.
The Morton Arboretum and Emerald Ash Borer
The Morton Arboretum was highly instrumental in crafting a plan to get Illinois ready for the discovery of Emerald ash borer (EAB). In 2003, the Arboretum brought together a Readiness Planning Team with more than 40 representatives from state, federal, county and municipal governments, the green industry and non-profit organizations. The Readiness Plan charged the Arboretum with conducting surveys to detect the presence of EAB using trap trees that were likely infestation targets. Arboretum Research Associate Fredric Miller discovered signs of EAB in Glen Ellyn in March 2009 and brought it to the attention of state officials.
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