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BLOOM REPORT May 5 - May 12

The delicate heart-shaped flowers of common bleeding heart
The delicate heart-shaped flowers of common bleeding heart
May 5, 2017

There are still plenty of blooms to be seen in the gardens of The Morton Arboretum in Lisle. The Ground Cover Garden, Children’s Garden, Fragrance Garden and Four Seasons Garden and the seasonal display bed near the Visitor Center and Administration Building are especially good viewing. In the natural areas, phlox, wild geranium and May-apple are in bloom but summer’s green is developing.

Ed Hedborn, manager of plant records, reports on what’s blooming each week throughout the season.

Parking lots listed are along the Arboretum’s paved roads; some locations are within a short walk of the parking lots along paved or mulched trails. Take a springtime stroll and enjoy all the spectacle of spring at the Arboretum.

For the latest updates on what’s blooming at the Arboretum, call the Bloom 'n’ Color Hotline at 630-719-7955.

East Side Main Route

Entrance Road, Visitor Center, and Arbor Court (Parking Lot 1)

Shrubs in bloom: Buttercup winter-hazel (yellow), Dwarf fothergilla (white), Gro-Low fragrant sumac (yellow), Burkwood’s viburnum, Fothergilla (white), Jetbead (white), Slender deutzia (white), Wilson black-haw (white), Winter Flame blood-twigged dogwood (white)

Blooms along the ground: Bowles common periwinkle (blue), Cotton Cool lungwort (blue), Espresso wild geranium (lavender), Jack Frost Siberian bugloss (blue), Lily-of-the-valley (white), Limoncello geum (yellow), Snowdrop anemone (white)

Administration Building (Parking Lot 1)

Shrubs in bloom: Brilliant red chokeberry (white), Carolina-allspice (dark maroon), Dwarf fothergilla (white), Fothergilla (white), Fragrant sumac (yellow), Jetbead (white), Sielbold’s viburnum (white), Showy cotoneaster (white), Spicebush (yellow), Sugar Plum Fairy® lilac (lavender), Winter honeysuckle (cream)

Blooms along the ground: Barrenwort (white, yellow), Common periwinkle (blue), Dwarf crested iris (blue), Green dragon (green), Jack-in-the-pulpit (maroon), Lily-of-the-valley (white), Sweet woodruff (white), Yellow corydalis (yellow)

Dwarf Woody Plant Collection (Parking Lot 1)

Shrubs in bloom: Compact Lemoine’s deutzia (white), Professor Ed black chokeberry (white), Purple early lilac (pale lavender), Red Pixie lilac (dark purple and pale lavender)

Blooms along the ground: Barrenwort (yellow), Black Pirate peony (dark purple)

Ground Cover Garden (Parking Lot 1)

Trees in bloom: Yellow Bird magnolia (yellow),

Shrubs in bloom: Carolina-allspice (dark maroon), Chardonnay Pearls® slender deutzia (white), Fothergilla (white), Primrose rose (yellow), Red Monarch™ fothergilla (white)

Blooms along the ground: Barrenwort (yellow, white), Bleeding heart (pink), Columbine (red and yellow), Compact goldentuft (yellow), Common periwinkle (blue), Cypress spurge (yellow), Foamflower (white), Jacob’s ladder (blue)
Large-flowered comfrey (white, blue), Long-leaved lungwort (blue), Lungwort (blue), Periwinkle (purple), Sweet woodruff (white)

Hedge Collection (Parking Lot 1)

Shrubs in bloom: Black chokeberry (white), Carolina-allspice (dark maroon), Clavey’s Dwarf honeysuckle (white), Cotoneaster (white), Declaration lilac (dark purple), Dwarf fothergilla (white), Fothergilla (white), Peking cotoneaster (white)

Blooms along the ground: Bloodred geranium (dark pink), Common periwinkle (blue), Dwarf crested iris (blue), Max Frei bloodred geranium (pink), White-flowered common periwinkle (white)

Main Route, Midwest, and Northern Illinois Collections (Parking Lot 2)

Trees in bloom: Frosted hawthorn (white), Kansas hawthorn (white), Pawpaw (dark maroon), Sassafras (green), Wild sweet crabapple (white, pink)

Shrubs in bloom: American bladdernut (white), American black current (white), Black chokeberry (white), Bog-rosemary (white), Choke cherry (white), Cotoneaster (white), Deutzia (white), Fragrant sumac (yellow), Highbush blueberry (white), Missouri gooseberry (white), Oregon grape-holly (yellow), Purple chokeberry (white), Showy cotoneaster (white)

Blooms along the ground: False toadflax (white), Lakeside daisy (white), Periwinkle (blue), Shooting star (white to pink)

Frost Hill (Parking Lot 3)

Shrubs in bloom: Carolina silverbell (white)

Rose Family (Parking Lot 4)

Trees in bloom: Hawthorn (white)

Crowley Marsh (Parking Lot 5)

Blooms along the ground: Red trillium (maroon)

Bur Reed Marsh (Parking Lot 6)

Shrubs in bloom: Carolina Silverbell (white)

East Woods (Parking Lots 9 to 15)

Shrubs in bloom: American bladdernut (white), Black-haw (white), Choke cherry (white)

Blooms along the ground: Bellwort (yellow), Bristly buttercup (yellow), Common blue violet (blue), Jacob’s ladder (blue), Jack-in-the-pulpit (green and maroon), Red trillium (maroon), Shooting star (white to pink), Wild geranium (blue), Wild-hyacinth (pale blue), Woodland phlox (blue), Yellow violet (yellow)

Appalachian Collection (Parking Lot 16)

Trees in bloom: Flowering dogwood (white), Pawpaw (dark maroon)

Shrubs in bloom: Carolina silverbell (white)

Blooms along the ground: Common blue violet (blue)

China Collection (Parking Lot 17)

Trees in bloom: Flowering dogwood (white)

Sumac Collection (Parking Lot 18)

Shrubs in bloom: Fragrant sumac (yellow)

West Side Main Route

Ozark Collection (just west of underpass)

Trees in bloom: Pawpaw (dark maroon)

Founder's Grove (Parking Lot 20)

Blooms along the ground: Woodland phlox (blue)

Thornhill Education Center Parking Lot (Parking Lot 21)

Trees in bloom: Horse-chestnut (yellow)

Shrubs in bloom: Black chokeberry (white)

Blooms along the ground: Jacob’s ladder (blue)

Four Seasons Garden (Parking Lot 21)

Shrubs in bloom: Fothergilla (white)

Blooms along the ground: Eastern blue star (blue), Flames of Passion purple avens (red), Hidcote Blue large-flowered comfrey (blue)

Thornhill Education Center (Parking Lot 21)

Shrubs in bloom: Bloomerang® purple reblooming lilac (purple), Carolina-allspice (dark maroon), Cotoneaster (white), Fothergilla (white), Fragrant sumac (yellow)

Blooms along the ground: Bowles common periwinkle (blue)

Joy Path and Thornhill South Lawn (Parking Lot 21)

Shrubs in bloom: Fragrant snowball (white)

Blooms along the ground: Lily-of-the-valley (white)

Fragrance Garden (Parking Lot 21)

Shrubs in bloom: Chardonnay Pearls® slender deutzia (white), Fothergilla (white), Fragrant snowball (white), Primrose rose (yellow)

Blooms along the ground: Iris (yellow), Lily-of-the-valley (white), Snowdrop anemone (white), Variegated fragrant Solomon’s seal (white)

Daffodil Glade (Parking Lots 22 and 23)

Blooms along the ground: Jacob’s ladder (blue), Red trillium (maroon), Wild geranium (pink), Woodland phlox (blue)

Schulenberg Prairie and Oak Savanna (Parking Lot 25)

Blooms along the ground: Bristly buttercup (yellow), False toadflax (white), Golden Alexander, Jacob’s ladder (blue), Lousewort (yellow), Red trillium (dark maroon), Shooting star (pink to white), Toothwort (white), White trout-lily (white), Wild geranium (pink), Woodland phlox (blue)

Sterling Pond (Parking Lot 28)

Blooms along the ground: Bristly buttercup (yellow), Golden Alexander (yellow), Jacob’s ladder (blue), Red trillium (dark maroon), Toothwort (white), Wild geranium (pink), Woodland phlox (blue)

Pine Hill (Parking Lot 28)

Blooms along the ground: Golden Alexander (yellow), Red trillium (dark maroon), Wild geranium (pink), Woodland phlox (blue)

West Du Page River (Parking Lot 32)

Shrubs in bloom: Carolina silverbell (white)

Godschalk Meadow (Parking Lot 33)

Shrubs in bloom: Black chokeberry (white), Boussingault common lilac (lavender), Fuerst Buelow common lilac (lavender), General Sheridan common lilac (white), Korean early lilac (lavender and white), Manchurian lilac (white and lavender), Purple early lilac (purple), White Persian lilac (white)

Blooms along the ground: Pink Snowflakes primrose (pink), The River™ series Susquehanna foamflower (white), Upright wild-ginger (yellow)

West Side Alternate Route

Sargent’s Glade (Parking Lot 26)

Blooms along the ground: Bristly buttercup (yellow), Great white trillium (white), Red trillium (maroon), Wild geranium (pink)

Lake Marmo (Parking Lots 27 and 28)

Trees in bloom: Flowering dogwood (white)

Shrubs in bloom: Fothergilla (white)

Blooms along the ground: Bristly buttercup (yellow), Great white trillium (white), Red trillium (dark maroon), Wild geranium (pink), Woodland phlox (blue)