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Learning in Place

Nature-Based Home Learning Resources

Trees and nature have the power to make a positive impact in people's lives, even during challenging times. While the Arboretum is temporarily closed, and as many adjust to remote learning, we hope that the Arboretum continues to be part of your personal learning and wellness journey. Explore Arboretum online learning resources for all ages, and take advantage of these opportunities to continue connecting with trees and nature from home. 

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For Children and Families

Arbordale Publishing Children’s eBook Catalog (free access through May 15 with password: May15)

Neighborhood Trees Series:

Self-guided Family Play and Exploration Series:


Virtual Science Camp

Grades 1st through 3rd (June 8 through August 10)
Grades 4th through 6th (June 8 through August 10)


For Teachers and Parents

Online Learning Links for Teachers:


Your Virtual Arboretum


For Lifelong Learners and Gardeners

Online Spring Courses and Webinars: