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Learning in Place

Nature-Based Home Learning Resources

Trees and nature have the power to make a positive impact in people's lives, even during challenging times. With these remote learning opportunities, we hope that the Arboretum continues to be part of your personal learning and wellness journey. Explore Arboretum online learning resources for all ages, and take advantage of these opportunities to continue connecting with trees and nature from home. 

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For Teachers and Parents

Online Learning Links for Teachers:


For Adult Learners

The Arboretum offers adult programs on gardening, trees and nature, conservation, art and wellness. With self-paced learning, live lectures, and interactive class sessions, online learning with The Morton Arboretum will help you connect with nature and with others from the comfort of home.

New for spring 2021! Learn plant identification and ecology with the Arboretum at your convenience with these self-paced online courses. Click the links below to register and get access anytime. 

The Arboretum offers courses for adults on trees, ecology, gardening, plant care, art, wellness, and more. Browse all of our current online programs, and check back frequently for new additions.

Or explore these online resources any time:


For Children and Families

Seeing Trees is a series of short videos that help families with young children slow down and notice seasonal changes in the buds, flowers, fruits, and other features of trees:
Bur Oaks

In these Learning with Nature videos, educators from The Morton Arboretum guide young children through learning adventures in the Children’s Garden:
Rainbow Walk - Exploring Colors

Your Virtual Arboretum