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Conservation and restoration education programs

Volunteers are pulling invasive plants from the tall grass prairie.

Learn more about conservation and restoration from the experts at The Morton Arboretum. Plant trees and restore our urban forest and woodland treasures. Expand your knowledge of invasive plants, or learn to develop a conservation site plan.

Conservation and restoration classes

View the current offerings from The Morton Arboretum that bring you closer to nature through conservation and restoration learning and field work. View current class listings  

Natural Areas Conservation Training Program

Interested in learning more about the maintenance and restoration of natural areas? Through classroom study and practical field experience at The Morton Arboretum, the Natural Areas Conservation Training Program (N-ACT) provides the knowledge and experience necessary to be a thoughtful caretaker. learn more

If there are specific subjects you are interested in, please check out our current classes to see if we have a program that meets your needs.  Subjects and interests include botanical art and illustration, conservation and restoration, gardening and horticulture, natural history, nature photography, and ornithology.