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Other areas

Behind the scenes, volunteers assist with clerical projects, data entry, last-minute needs, or projects requiring their specialized skills or talents.

Office Assistance

Volunteers do many tasks to assist departments in functioning more efficiently. Data processing, filing, organizing, copying, sending mailings, or being “on call” for last-minute projects are just a few. Conducting marketing surveys, assisting at Ginkgo Restaurant special events, registering seminar or donor event attendees, assembling packets, or taking inventories are several other areas in which volunteers have helped staff.

Service Learning or Unpaid Internships

The Morton Arboretum offers a paid, institutional summer internship to students who are interested in pursuing a career in a public garden or arboretum.
We often hear from college or graduate students looking for experience to include on a resume, in a portfolio, or as a requirement for “field experience” or a practicum in an academic course. Combining staff needs and expertise with students who are willing to volunteer to meet their academic requirements has been done successfully with diverse departments. Contact the Volunteer Office to discuss how we can work together to benefit you and the Arboretum in this way.