fbpx Monitoring | The Morton Arboretum


The Morton Arboretum needs monitoring volunteers to help monitor trails, bloom times, fall color, amphibian populations, bluebirds, and other migratory and native bird species.

Bird Populations

The Arboretum is a haven for migratory birds as well as birds that overwinter on its grounds. Volunteers who are skilled in recognizing bird calls and plumage are assigned a specific area of the Arboretum to monitor during the spring and summer months.


Volunteers monitor bloom stages for plants, trees, and shrubs throughout the Arboretum during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Individuals or teams of two monitor the bloom cycle of the plants in their assigned area weekly, until they are no longer blooming. Reports are posted weekly on the blooming hotline and website.


Eastern bluebirds are making a comeback in the Midwest. Bluebird monitors clean the birdhouses, check for nests, count eggs, hatchlings, and fledglings. They also band the birds and report on other birds that may nest in the bluebird houses.


The Arboretum has 16 miles of trails. Volunteer monitors walk their trail once a week from March through October, removing litter, cleaning signs and benches, and reporting safety issues or damage along the trail.