fbpx Troll Hunt | The Morton Arboretum

Troll Hunt


  • The troll made of reclaimed wood, is laying supine. His fingers are at his open mouth as if he's feeding himself. This troll's length is around 50 feet.
  • A troll, made of reclaimed wood, standing with one hand shading his eyes.
  • The troll made of reclaimed wood, is standing with his arms stretched over is head. He is holding a boulder in his hands. The troll stands about 15- 20 feet tall.

Schedule and location

As of January 31, 2021, the trolls are no longer at the Arboretum and Troll Hunt has concluded.

Save the date for a new exhibition opening this spring!  

The Morton Arboretum’s next major exhibition, Human+Nature (pronounced: Human Nature), will highlight the deep connections between people and trees. Foster your love of trees and plants, while enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, as you explore large-scale sculptures created by South African artist Daniel Popper.

Built to create a sense of awe and wonder, five massive sculptures will be featured with the backdrop of the Arboretum’s magnificent and mature tree collections. Each grand in size and appearance (15-26 feet tall), the sculptures are crafted especially for Arboretum guests. Human+Nature will be included with Arboretum admission. 

Watch the Human+Nature webpage for special updates leading up to the exhibition opening this spring.


Troll Hunt was generously supported by International Paper, Marquette, and Plante Moran

Reclaimed wood generously provided by Sterling

Troll Hunt was partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.