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Pine Pacer Challenge


  • Two runners follow a snowy road through the Arboretum.
  • Yellow zip-up sweater included in registration for the Pine Pacer Challenge

Schedule and location

January 2021

Register December 14  to January 15

Start 2021 off on the right foot with a new running and walking challenge from The Morton Arboretum. Participants are invited to set a goal of 25, 50, or 100 miles, track their activities through the month of January, and submit mileage on the Arboretum's virtual result website to chart their progress. Though participants are encouraged to get their miles on site at the Arboretum, they can also simply run or walk around the block, on a treadmill, or anywhere else they enjoy. The goal is to meet a personal challenge and enjoy the many health benefits of physical activity and spending time in nature.
All participants will receive one of the Arboretum's fleece-lined, long sleeve, quarter-zip pullover, as well as a challenge sticker. Members can run or walk at the Arboretum anytime by reserving a free, timed admission pass, while guests may reserve one free admission pass each week of the challenge. As a special bonus, guests will also have the option of purchasing an Arboretum membership at a $10 discount when they register for the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I register in person at the Arboretum?
To protect public health and minimize unnecessary contact, participants cannot register on-site at the Arboretum. To register, please visit our secure registration site
When will participants receive their complimentary pullovers?
Beginning in January, pullovers will be available for pick up at Dick Pond Athletics in Lisle based on participant registration dates:
  • Register before 12/31 and pick up your pullover starting January 18
  • Register after 12/31 and pick up your pullover starting January 25
Participants who are unable to pick up their pullover will have it mailed to their provided address in February along with the challenge completion sticker. International and out-of-state participants will have their pullovers mailed by January 25.
Do I have to complete the challenge at the Arboretum?
No. Although we encourage participants to complete some of their miles on-site when possible, you are welcome to walk or run anywhere you like. 
Do I need a timed admission pass when visiting the Arboretum for this challenge?
Yes, since this is a month-long event, you do need to reserve admission passes prior to visiting the Arboretum. Members can reserve their passes as they normally would. Once they register, guests will receive a discount code for a free weekly admission ticket and can reserve their pass online.
Can other forms of exercise apply toward my miles?
No, this challenge is only for tracking miles from walking or running. 
Can I walk or run on a treadmill?
Yes, you can track your miles anytime you walk or run, regardless of whether you are outside or inside. 
Where do I log my challenge results?
You can view and submit your results on RunSignup anytime between January 1-31, 2021. 
What is the mileage of the loops of roadway? 
View this PDF iconPine Pacer Map for mileage of the roadways at the Arboretum. Or use this PDF iconhiking map for the various walking trails. Please note, running is permitted only on the roads. 


Fees and admission

Members $40

Guests $50

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