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Self-Guided Family Play and Exploration: Mudpies!

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It’s time to celebrate! Roll up your sleeves, get a bucket of dirt and mix it with water! What did you make? Mud! National Mud Day is June 29th! Don’t be afraid to get a little messy and let’s dig a little deeper into this combination full of fun!

A pot and several tins are filled with mud, pine cones and other nuts.


Mud by Mary Lyn Ray and illustrated by Lauren Stringer
Whether it is soil mixed with thawing snow or a summertime rain, mud sparks creativity in all nature artists! Read this imaginative story about mud throughout the seasons!

The front cover of a book called Mud.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner and illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal
Have you ever wondered what is going on down in the dirt? Check out the busy world of creatures that help our garden grow!

A bird and flowers are on this front cover of a book called, Garden and Dirt,


Investigate mud upclose by using your senses! Head outside after a rainstorm or make your own mud with some soil and water. How does it feel? How does it smell? Is there a sound when you step in it? Do you see anything in your mud? Maybe some roots or seeds, or even a wiggling worm?

On the ground is a pot filled with mud and a stick, a pitcher of water is also near by.


Put on some play clothes, grab a bucket and shovel, and head on out to find a mud puddle. Add some old kitchen utensils and containers and you have your very own mud kitchen! You are the top chef in this kitchen and you get to decide what is on the menu! Experiment with making pies, cupcakes, bread, or even stew – all made from mud!

A large tin is filled with mud and leaves.


Add some color to your mud play by making some mud paint. Put some mud in a small container, and add a small amount of water and a splash of dish soap. Then add some food coloring drops or some liquid tempera paint. Mix it up and start creating! Sticks and branches make great paint brushes, sidewalks and driveways make great canvases.

A painting has been painted with mud, soap, and food dye.


Can you tell a story using mud? Paint a background and make some mud critters to add to your scene! Begin by looking for twigs, leaves, pinecones, seeds, or any other natural materials you can use. Form a ball of mud and roll in between your hands, almost like playdough! Add the natural materials to customize your mud critter! Time to share your story! What adventures will your critters have today?

A critter has been made out of mud, grass, twigs and plants.

For Older Siblings

Mud can be fun to play with, but it is also one of the building blocks of animal homes. From beavers to birds and even beetles, many animals use one of nature’s best building materials to keep their homes together. Try to create the perfect animal home! You can use mud that you’ve mixed together or you can make bricks by putting mud in containers and letting it harden in the sun for a few hours.

Self-Guided Family Play and Exploration: Mudpies!