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Identify Woodland Wildflowers Online and Live Webinar

Schedule and location


Wednesday, April 14, 2021, noon, Central time: Online materials become available
Friday, April 30, 2021, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Central time: Live web conference
Friday, May 7, 2021, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Central time: Live web conference

Fees and registration

(Fees include admission to the Arboretum)

$39.00 member
$46.00 guest

BY PHONE: 630-719-2468 or to be waitlisted (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) 

Course description

Learn the names and habits of the wildflowers that cover the woodland floor in spring in this online class. In spring, ephemeral wildflowers cover the woodlands in an explosion of colors. In this virtual workshop, learn to identify these plants, discover where they grow, how their life cycles work and what plants they most often grow with. 

Through study online and through independent assignments in our spring woods, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty and diversity of woodland plants and their role and importance in a functioning woodland ecosystem.

This virtual class is intended for learners who have had a previous introduction to plant ID. The class includes self-guided online components and two live web conferences with the instructor, Chris Benda. Self-paced components can be completed wherever you have access to a computer, at your own pace. Live web conferences take place in central time. Online assignments will be due before the live sessions.

How the Online Class Works:

  • To access the online materials, you will log into TreeLearning, the Arboretum’s online learning portal. Instructions for accessing TreeLearning will be sent to registrants on the day the course begins. You have access to the online course materials for 60 days.
  • Complete self-paced e-learning modules with reading material, short videos, interactive activities, and quizzes to check your understanding.
  • The self-guided portion will take approximately 3 hours. It does not need to be completed in one sitting, but you must complete it before your live web conferences.
  • Live web conferences will take place using Zoom. You will need access to the internet via a computer or mobile device to participate.
  • On the scheduled date and time, you will find a link to the Zoom session in your classroom under “Web Conferences.” Click on the link to join the program at the scheduled date and time.

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Chris Benda, botanist

Chris Benda, aka Illinois Botanizer, is a botanist and past president of the Illinois Native Plant Society. He teaches at Southern Illinois University and The Morton Arboretum. He is an accomplished photographer and author of several publications about natural areas in Illinois. Find him at www.illinoisbotanizer.com.

Course details


  • This class includes both self-paced online materials and live web conferences with the instructor. Online materials should be completed before the live classes.
  • The self-paced online materials will take approximately 3 hours to complete.
  • Participants will have access to self-paced online materials for 60 days after the course start date. Live sessions are available at the times listed.


  • Participants must have completed Basic Plant ID (W010) or have equivalent experience with plant identification.
  • Participants must have access to the internet and know how to send and receive email.
  • A unique email address for each participant is required at registration.

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