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Community Tree Champions

Help trees thrive in your community!

Trees in our region have stressful lives! They need human attention, so they can provide shade, increase a neighborhood’s beauty, prevent flooding, and provide many other benefits.

Volunteer as a Community Tree Champion


For more details on this program, please contact:

Emily Okallau
Community Trees Project Coordinator
The Morton Arboretum


Community Tree Champions participate in a wide range of projects. As a champion you may:

  • Care for newly planted young trees
  • Water young trees in the summer
  • Spread mulch
  • Monitor trees for pests, diseases, and signs of stress
  • Remove harmful invasive species
  • Help communities track trees and how well they are growing
  • Plant trees throughout your community
  • Advocate for trees and green spaces
  • Teach others about the benefits of trees

Want to participate but don’t know much about tree care? You’ll receive two free, half-day training sessions and ongoing training opportunities.

Want to make connections in your community? You’ll meet and work with other volunteer tree champions with the guidance of municipal tree care professionals.

Want to choose activities that are right for you? Your municipality will work to find projects that you can complete and are appropriate for you. Everyone can be a Community Tree Champion!