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Arboretum Wellness Challenge

Family walking through the Arboretum

In celebration of Arbor Day, register for the free Arboretum Wellness Challenge to restore your spirit by reconnecting with trees, nature, and the Arboretum community.

Trees continually provide clean air, shady canopies, green spaces, and a healthier environment, all while lifting people’s spirits. Trees are symbols of growth and strength, and you’re invited to tap into the restorative power of trees during the free Arboretum Wellness Challenge celebrating Arbor Day on April 30. Learn meditative techniques, get healthy tips from wellness instructors, and discover peaceful trails throughout the Arboretum grounds in a new way. 
This free month-long program can help you establish healthy habits through mindful nature-based exercises and activities. Each week beginning May 3, you’ll receive an email with a new wellness challenge and tips that you can easily add to your daily routine. When you register, you will also be entered to win prizes that include free Arboretum wellness classes and a one-year membership. Drawings will be held weekly.
Join a community of like-minded tree champions by using the #MortonArbChallenge tag on social media and see how fellow participants are incorporating these wellness practices into their lives. 



Please note: Arboretum employees are not eligible for weekly prizes.